panda life


Jan.23rd 2017

     Recently, I have been so irritated because  my daughter's action is representative "terrible twos." She gets mad when I tell her to get out from the bath. She cannot decide which socks she puts on. She squats down on the street. I also get mad and scold her outside even though everybody looks at us. I cannot help say something bad to her.


     Of course I know her behavior, "iya-iya-ki" is one of processes of her growing up. I can find some suggestions to deal with it on the Internet, but there is no way to make my temper calm. How can I be mature?


     I try to go out with her every morning, and let her play freely for a while. After that I take her to an open space for chirdren and mothers. Then we take a lunch there with chatting with others. In such a place, I can be kind for her, and concentrate on playing. 


     Swimming lessons are also eccential essencial to keep our good relationship. I really look forward taking lessons. I can see her smile and enjoy talking with friends. The next lesson is tommorow!