panda life


Jan.24th 2017

     Today my daughter and I enjoy swimming, but after that I scolded her. When we had lunch with our friends, she knocked over her lunch boxes with her feet! Everybody were surprised at the sound, and my angry voice. OMG... What's worse, she did not try to take a nap on our way to home. It made me irritated more. So I took out my anger on her. She got sad, and then I held her to take a walk again.


     I was bad for her. Even though her behavior was rude, I should not have gotten mad. It must be so difficult for all mothers to decide how much we should be strict for home training. I have not find its answer yet.


     After she woke up, I showed her clay, and played with it. It was her first time to touch clay. She got enthusiastic about it. She will not be bored at home any more.