panda life


Jan. 25th 2017

     My daughter is still being addicted to clay work. As soon as she finised having breakfast, she pointed out the clay, and started to play. She was concentrate on her work without telling me she did poo and pee. I scolded her madly again. When I asked her to go outside with me, she cried. 

     We visited a play room that is one room of an apartment. Though the room is small, it hass cozy atomosphere, and there are nice staffs. She likes there because she can use lots of anpanman's toys. However, I like there more than she likes. I can be a kind and nice mom as long as I stay there. To meet and talk with other moms erases my stress, and this situation makes me concentrate on her.

     She has a hard time falling asleep. It bothers me. I have to try to change our life style. Which way should I try first?