panda life


Jan.28th 2017

     It was not so cold today. So my daughter and I took a walk this afternoon.She took her doll as usual. She put it in her bag.

     She found a sandbox, and entered there. She gave her doll to me because she did not want to make it dirty. There was a shovel that had been forgotten and left by someone. She took it and began to use it. She  repeated to scoop up and spill down again and again. 20 minutes later, I asked her to stop playing and go shopping with me. She convinced my order within a minute. 

   However, she had a big mistake there. She dragged her doll on the ground, and needless to say, it got dirty. She got sad. 

   I washed the doll with my hands, and hung it up to dry. Of course, it is still wet. She wanted to play and go to bed with it, so she was complaining.