panda life


Jan.29th 2017

     In these days my daughter is interested in art works. Today she liked to put out the paints. She cannot stop doing that. When I suggested that we should have taken a walk and  gone shopping, but she did not have the ear to hear. She got angry and cried.


     I want her to do what she want to do, and hate to interrupt her. However, it is so hard for me to do that because we are under the rule of time. She may keep doing her project without sleeping unless I stop her. Maybe I am afraid that. I am very worried that she will never be convinced and finish her work. I have a schedule every day like swimming, shopping, housekeeping, and so on. Also I do not want to stay at home all day. I cannot stand that.


     Yesterday my husband and I cooked curry together, and today we cooked dumpling. Both of them are delicious. To setle down to cook is one of the best ways on holidays.